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You must know about this device before you apply glue to the

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Mobile phones belong to electronic precision products, which are prone to quality problems. A little mobile phone problems will affect the user's good experience. It is necessary to select the equipment suitable for the dispensing requirements of mobile phones to complete the corresponding dispensing technology. For example, using hot-melt glue dispenser to apply glue on the mobile phone frame can improve the bonding quality and speed of mobile phones, and solve the problem of cell phone cracking or uneven bonding. Problem.
Mobile phone outer frame coating glue
1. Gluing deviation
Gluing deviation is a relatively common problem, which can be caused by two situations: first, programming error; second, problems in matching accessories; and second, many situations, such as deviation of dispensing needle and low glue concentration, directly affect the suitability of gluing width and glue quantity. In order to improve the dispensing quality of mobile phone frame, it is necessary to maintain the mechanical arm of the whole automatic dispensing machine every day. Protection and adjustment.
331 dispensing machine for coating compound
2. Leakage of glue
The leakage of automatic dispensing machine is quite common. If the specification of glue valve and needle is wrong, it will directly lead to the overflow of glue and affect the adhesion of mobile phone frame. The two factors causing the leakage are glue viscosity and back pressure value. If the back pressure is too large, a vacuum will be formed inside the needle barrel, which will not play the role of suction back. Only a better needle can solve this problem.
Standard platform 331 dispensing machine
3. Wire drawing
Wire drawing is also one of the common problems in dispensing industry. The main reason for wire drawing is that the viscosity of glue is too high. Therefore, when preparing glue for each product in the automatic dispensing machine, it is necessary to consider the glue valve. Select the glue valve and needle according to the glue requirements. Under the correct selection, it is impossible to have the problem of glue drawing. For example, UV glue is not suitable for mobile phones. Frame gluing, and need to use pur hot-melt adhesive to meet the needs, according to the industry requirements to choose glue, will not appear such a problem.

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