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Visual dispensing machine in diode chip packaging

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At present, the diode chip packaging market in the domestic LED industry has a good development prospect. Due to the huge market, the LED industry needs to further expand production capacity. The LED chip production capacity can be improved by purchasing intelligent visual dispensing machine. At present, the market can meet the requirements of diode chip packaging equipment, including: solid crystal machine, lead bonding machine, visual dispensing machine and glue filling machine. 。
Diode lamp bead potting compound
Before that, the domestic diode packaging market was dominated by foreign brands. Only a few domestic brands had the same level in China, and there was no domestic brand machine in the industry with high dispensing technology. Until recently, the domestic dispensing market market changed. During this time, our domestic manufacturers have been working hard to develop new LED chip packaging. Technology, so that the domestic market gradually bid farewell to foreign brands, and gradually explore their own way.
Large platform visual dispensing machine
Whether it is the dispensing quality of LED lights or the coating quality of chips, we Chinese manufacturers have understood all the details that need to be paid attention to in the process of chip packaging or the points that need to be done, and we have been able to master them skillfully, because the details may directly interfere with the packaging quality of LED chips, so it is very important to master the common problems of LED chip packaging. Using In the process of packaging, the visual dispensing machine must master every key link accurately and skillfully. Therefore, the manufacturer needs to maintain the appropriate standard air pressure for a long time to ensure better rubber control effect.

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