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Mainstream Dispensing Equipment Types in Industry Market

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Automatic dispensing machine equipment is an automatic control dispensing device. By coating glue on semiconductor, chip, communication products and other surface points, and setting matching path programming according to specific products, better bonding effect can be achieved. Diversified dispensing equipment types can be chosen by more users. It has points, lines, surfaces, arcs, arcs, etc. Irregular curve continuous filling function, it can achieve a variety of dispensing process, widely used in electronics, light emitting diodes and other industries, and today I will introduce you the type of automatic dispensing equipment.
331 automatic glue dispensing equipment
Light emitting diode dispenser:
This type of dispensing machine is specially used for spot-coating LED products. Its characteristics are high dispensing accuracy and good stability, which can ensure the accuracy and quality of each dispensing. The light emitting diode dispensing machine belongs to the special dispensing equipment type used in lighting industry, automobile manufacturing industry or mechanical hardware industry.
Dual-station double Y-axis dispensing machine
Double Y-axis dispenser:
The double Y-axis dispensing machine consists of two moving platforms, while the traditional dispenser usually consists of only one moving platform. Each moving platform can usually be equipped with more than five dispensing heads. The rapid dispensing speed can greatly improve the coating efficiency. It is suitable for precise dispensing of LCD and LCD module. At present, it is widely used in mobile LCD and PDA fields as the type of double Y-axis dispensing equipment.
331 coating dispenser
Three-axis dispensing machine:
Three-axis dispensing machine is one of the most basic dispensing machines. It uses automatic operation mode. Manipulator can operate flexibly, dispensing in X, Y and Z directions, dispensing in any position in space. Among many dispensing equipment types, it has the characteristics of simple installation, simple operation, accurate glue control, strong versatility and fast speed. It is usually used in construction and industrial industries, such as mobile phones, radiators and semiconductors.

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