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The relationship between high-speed dispensing machine and d

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With the emergence of current bonding technology, dispensing equipment is very important in the bonding process. Therefore, high-speed dispensing machine is the executing equipment in the bonding process. In precision production, the amount of glue used at the bonding port can be accurately controlled and coated. The principle of dispensing and bonding of high-speed dispensing machine is: compressed air is transported to the rubber outlet, and the glue is pressed into the rubber cylinder connected with the piston chamber by air pressure. When the piston moves to the upper stroke, the glue will fill the piston chamber, and during the downward movement of the piston, the glue will be extruded out of the dispensing needle. Therefore, the downward travel distance of the piston determines the amount of glue dropping. According to the need of dispensing and bonding, the glue can be manually adjusted or controlled by professional software to run the high-speed dispensing machine. The operation is relatively simple and convenient.
331 coating dispenser
However, the factors affecting the dispensing action in the operation process are generally the amount of glue, dispensing pressure, needle size, distance between needle and working face, glue viscosity, glue temperature, curing temperature curve, bubbles in glue, special liquid and so on. Usually, the dispensing needle of high-speed dispensing machine should be about 1/2 of the diameter of dispensing, at the point of dispensing. The dispensing needle should be selected according to the size of the commodity in the process of gluing. The distance between the dispensing needle and the working face is different, which means that different dispensing machines choose different needles.
Type 331 dispensing platform
In fact, the needle has a certain degree of stop, so it is necessary to master the point spacing to avoid affecting the adhesive effect of dispensing, and even calibrate the distance between the needle and the working face before each operation, i.e. z-axis height calibration. In addition to the basic factors of the high-speed dispensing machine itself, the glue viscosity directly affects the quality of dispensing. If the viscosity is very high, the adhesive point will become smaller, and even wire drawing will not be conducive to the role of adhesive dispensing.

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