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Knowledge Base of Circulating Dispensing Mode of Fully Autom

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The automatic high-speed dispensing machine belongs to an automatic dispensing equipment, which can work uninterruptedly by adopting the circulating dispensing mode and has the characteristics of long working time and high dispensing precision. The equipment consists of a mechanical mobile arm and dispensing controller 2. The mobile arm part can easily dispensing irregular paths such as points, lines and arcs, and the controller part can adjust the size of glue output. With parameters such as speed, automatic operation saves manpower investment, and the use of circular dispensing mode can improve the production efficiency of enterprises.
Dual-station glue dispensing machine
Automatic circulating dispensing machine can be divided into two types, one is digital automatic circulating dispensing machine, the other is dialing automatic circulating dispensing machine, which is very different from ordinary semi-automatic dispensing machine in function, and semi-automatic dispensing machine can only control the amount of dispensing manually or foot. The automatic circulating dispensing machine is controlled by a microcomputer and can automatically control the circulating dispensing mode. It can realize automatic production. The difference between the digital display automatic circulating dispensing machine and the automatic circulating dispensing machine is that the former has LED digital display, and the latter is the indicator lamp display. Because of the high precision requirement of industrial production, the control of the dispensing process is intuitive and simple, which can work in the circulating dispensing mode. Digital display automatic circulation dispensing machine gradually eliminated the dialing automatic circulation dispensing machine.
Fully automatic 331 high speed dispensing machine
Fully automatic high-speed dispenser is widely used in coating of various fluids. It has vacuum backdraft function and circulating dispensing mode to ensure that low-viscosity liquids do not drip. Dropable liquids include dry glue, red glue, anaerobic glue, black glue, silica gel, SMT red glue, yellow glue, silver glue, silica gel, epoxy resin, thread locking glue, lubricating oil and flux. Applicable products for patch products are as follows: Industrial and product adhesive sealant, light emitting diode photoelectric products, trademark marking, metal precision die, motor, optical instruments, mobile phones, switches and connectors, electronic toys, loudspeakers, buzzers, electronic components and other product uses: bonding, coating, sealing, filling, dotting, line coating, filling, sealant, coating, spraying, dispensing.

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