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The lifting function can control the composition of high-spe

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The composition of high-speed dispensing machine involves functions and applications, and all components determine the role of control accuracy. Users can contact or negotiate with manufacturers according to actual needs to make further changes to the structure of high-speed dispensing machine in order to achieve a more comprehensive coating effect. The following is a description of the majority of high-speed dispensing. Internal Composition Structure of Aircraft
Fully automatic 331 high speed dispensing machine
Composition of high-speed dispenser:
1. The frame of dispensing machine is made of high strength aluminium alloy, which ensures the stability of all automatic dispensing.
2. The movement of the metropolitan rail is driven by a precision motor. Generally, three precision motors are used to assist the three-axis machine, while four precision motors are used for the four-axis and double-Y glue dispensing machine.
Control Moving Guide
3. Each precise motor in the high-speed dispenser has a motor controller. The effective control of the guide rail can only be achieved by the cooperation of the controller and the motor.
4. There is a power controller in all high-speed dispensing machines to distribute power to all components.
Micro-Driven Stepping Motor
5. There is also a core component in the composition of high-speed dispensing machine, namely dispensing control system, which is responsible for receiving dispensing instructions and controlling the mobile operation of the whole dispensing machine, which belongs to the control component of dispensing.

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