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The production of fuel cell seals requires the application o

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Fuel cell is a chemical device that directly converts fuel chemical energy into electrical energy, also known as electrochemical generator. It is the fourth generation technology after hydroelectric power generation, thermal power generation and atomic power generation. It is applied to the automatic dispensing equipment with high speed and stability for fuel cell seal.
New Energy Fuel Cell Filling
The whole fuel cell seal production includes the following applications:
Fuel cell ultrasonic coating machine, bipolar plate automatic dispensing machine, fuel cell drying feeding station, fuel cell gas tightness tester, bipolar plate automatic detection line, fuel cell infrared baking assembly line, bipolar plate 2D automatic detection spray code station, bipolar plate sealing forming machine, bipolar plate automatic receiving station and so on constitute a complete set of fuel electricity. Pool sealed production line.
Automatic dispensing machine controlled coating
Product characteristics of fuel cell;
Fuel cell is a non-polluting, efficient, noise-free and continuous working device. According to the requirements of bipolar plate production technology, the equipment of the whole production line can be placed in any order, or can be produced by a single device, or any two or more devices can be used for production to meet the requirements of complete fuel cell sealing. Production requirements.
Dispenser Controlled Fuel Cell Coating
Application scope of fuel cell sealing production line:
Fuel cells, proton exchange membranes, membrane electrodes, hydrogen fuel cells, fuel cell stacks, etc.

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