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Operating process of spot welding paste for dispensing equip

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Before starting the machine, prepare
1. Install solder paste into 5cc plastic syringe of manual dispensing equipment. According to the size of solder pad of printed circuit board, needle No. 18 or No. 20 is generally selected for dispensing. Needle No. 23 nozzle can be selected for large gasket. If the spacing is small, number 16 (aperture 0.2mm) should be selected for dispensing solder paste.
2. Install adapter connector to twist and lock it and place it vertically on syringe bracket for manual point coating
Coated welding paste
Turn on the machine and adjust the amount of drip
1. Turn on the main power supply and compressed air supply
2. Press the machine power button to open the dripper and wait for the light to turn on.
3. Adjust the air pressure, increase the air pressure clockwise rotation, counterclockwise rotation to reduce the air pressure control spot paste amount
4. Adjust the time control knob to control the dropping time. The dripping time is clockwise for a short time and counterclockwise for a long time.
5. If you need to choose continuous spot coating when spot coating solder paste, press the "time/non-time" select key to turn on the small yellow-brown light. At this point, as long as the switch is pressed, the solder paste will drip continuously until the switch is released.
6. The dropping amount of solder paste is determined by gas pressure, bleeding time, solder paste viscosity and needle tip thickness. Therefore, specific parameters should be set according to specific conditions. The parameters should be adjusted mainly according to the solder paste amount on the solder pad of printed circuit board. After adjusting the amount of solder droplet properly, it can be coated on the sealing surface of the product.
331 coating dispenser
Descent procedure
1. Place the printed circuit board flat on the workbench
2. Hold the needle and tube to make the angle between the rubber outlet and the printed circuit board about 45 degrees.
3. When the pedal switch is pressed, the solder paste drops down. At this time, it can be dripped on the printed circuit board from left to right and from top to bottom. The solder paste can be spot-painted according to the required way.
Solder Paste for FPC Circuit Board
close program
1. Turn off the power supply of the machine, turn the pneumatic knob counterclockwise and return the barometer to zero
2. The needle sleeve has a sealed plastic sleeve at one end to avoid solder paste volatilization.
3. Close the main power supply and compressed air supply, complete the whole set of spot welding paste work

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