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Two Operating Criteria of High Speed Dispenser

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High-pressure air is used to push the liquid out of the syringe with the piston of the syringe during the setting time of the dispensing equipment, or to control it with the pedal switch. Therefore, the dispensing operation criteria need to be properly understood. The high-speed dispensing machine can flexibly adjust the manual or semi-automatic state for use and adopt high-precision digital timing control. The device realizes the precision of controlling the time of dropping glue to milliseconds, controls the flow of liquid correctly and does not waste liquid. As long as the pressure, time and proper needle discharge are adjusted, the amount and time of each droplet injection can change the parameters. This dispensing device can solve many problems of dropping glue. It is simple and fast to use. Easy to operate, and has a vacuum backdraft function, can control different viscosities of liquid, prevent dropping glue, the following will explain the dispensing operation of this equipment.
4331 duplex site glue device
There are two operating principles for high-speed dispensing machines:
1. Automation (Automation) (Applicable to Quantitative and Non-Timing Distribution)
When switching the dispensing machine to the automatic position, attention should be paid to the implementation of dispensing operation criteria.
The correct flow rate of liquid material can be controlled by adjusting the pressure and glue output and choosing the appropriate needle tip.
Each time the pedal switch is pressed, the liquid will automatically drip out of the needle tip according to the set amount of glue.
Dual-station glue dispensing machine
2. Manual (for non-quantitative and non-timing allocation)
Turn the switch of the high-speed dispensing machine to the manual position.
Adjust the air pressure and select the appropriate needle.
Needle types should be matched according to dispensing operation rules, such as needle barrels or rubber valves depending on the situation.
Desktop dispensing machine

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