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The Characteristics of Mainstream Automation Equipment

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Visual dispensing machine belongs to a kind of high precision automatic dispensing machine, which is widely used in the field of handicraft (stickers, labels, photo albums, etc.). The characteristics of automation equipment are the accuracy of dispensing control and cost saving. Not only visual dispensing machine achieves this application effect, but also other types of automatic dispensing machine or high-speed dispensing machine. Machines and so on can also achieve good execution function.
Ground-mounted large-scale visual dispensing equipment
There are many brands of dispensing machines in the market today, so it is a very difficult problem to select dispensing machines according to the characteristics of automation equipment. Because users may think that whether it's brand or not, it's OK to meet the requirements I want, but after a period of time, you will find that many technical levels are not up to date, and the dispensing effect is getting worse and worse, which is also a problem for many customers.
What are the characteristics of visual automation equipment?
1. Easy operation and reliable control system
2. Large countertops ensure higher efficiency
3. Reasonable structure design, easy maintenance and operation
4. CCD system control to ensure low precision deviation
Ground Visual Control Dispenser
5. According to the user's requirements, single or double position glue coating can be selected, with high efficiency and high speed.
6. Intelligent visual dispensing system with high recognition for CCD camera positioning
7. Automation equipment is characterized by high speed, high accuracy and good stability.
Dispensing positioning camera
In fact, long-term use and post-service are more concerned by customers. To do a good job of brand is to do a good job. A good brand determines a manufacturer's good products. A good brand reputation is naturally good. All aspects of products are naturally recognized. High prices are a good guarantee for customers themselves. Card.

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