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Operation to ensure the visual dispensing effect meets the s

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Generally, there are some requirements for the selection of dispensing valves of visual machine. If the production requirements can be met, let alone the quality production, the production requirements must be met. To select dispensing equipment with glue control, the comparison between the equipments is indispensable, and the guarantee of visual dispensing effect needs to follow the key points.
The selection of rubber valve is more cautious than that of dispensing equipment. The use of glue is required by rubber valve. For example, the AB glue used in filling of AB glue can only use two-component dispensing valve, while the dispensing valve used for dispensing is a double-acting plunger valve. This is a special dispensing valve between precise dispensing valve and two-component dispensing valve. The dispensing accuracy is neither too high nor too large. Combining with visual dispensing machine operation, the dispensing technology can be realized. It is mainly used to control dispensing to achieve stable and effective visual dispensing effect. The dual-acting plunger valve meets the production requirements. This is also the choice. One of the reasons for double acting plunger valve.
Composite plunger valve has one characteristic, that is, the cylinder is large and the outlet is small, which is related to the glue used. For example, the glue used to dispense glue on the product is thick glue, which means that the liquidity of glue is relatively low and can only be driven by relatively high pressure. The cylinder block of the plunger valve is large and the storage pressure is large, and the extrusion pressure is relatively high. Simple, small outlet is to control the amount of glue. This is the structure of the compound plunger valve and the reason for controlling the amount of glue. In addition, visual dispensing effect and quality can be guaranteed by matching the visual dispensing machine with glue.

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