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Cognitive Key Points of Using AB Adhesive Coating Machine

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AB glue dispensing machine is a two-component dispensing equipment, which is quite different from our usual dispensing equipment. If abnormal use of AB glue affects its effectiveness, how can it be used for glue control? The following answers will be given to everyone!
Type 4331 AB Glue Coating Machine I
1. Before using AB dispenser, the glue should be vacuum pumped and defoamed through the vacuum system to avoid bubbles in the mixing process. Glue can also be stationary for 10-20 minutes to better eliminate bubbles in glue!
2. In the process of using glue, glue should be mixed reasonably according to the actual situation to avoid waste of glue, because the more glue is mixed, the faster the glue solidification speed is, the more serious the waste of glue is! This is the use of AB glue coating machine must pay attention to.
Single-station AB dispenser
3. First of all, when the automatic glue coating equipment is abnormal, a small amount of trial should be used. Only after mastering its operation method can it be put into use in large quantities. It is also to reduce the waste of glue!
4. Before using AB glue coating machine, the products that need to be glued should do a good job of cleaning and keep the surface of the products dry and clean!
AB rubber three-axis dispensing machine
In order to avoid glue abuse, we really need to know how to operate AB glue.

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