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Recommend users to choose glue-coating robot according to ac

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When choosing a glue-coating robot, we should first know the glue-coating characteristics, whether it needs heating, whether it needs flow control and viscosity adjustment, and determine the characteristics of the workpiece to be coated, how many motion mechanisms are needed, and how the motion process is more appropriate. At the same time, we can determine the working width and effective range of motion if the glue is glued. When applied to all kinds of workpieces, the space required for large workpieces should be taken into account. In addition, the coordination of fixture and motion mechanism should be paid attention to, and whether the gluing robot with electronic signals is needed.
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What special working attributes should be considered, such as whether two or more rubber guns are needed, whether rubber guns need to be replaced after work, and the weight of the whole rubber gun and its accessory structure, so that the structure of the glue-coating robot can be completely outlined and correctly selected.
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For electrical control, it is necessary to determine the speed attributes of movement, because rapid gluing is not always good, and speed can also be controlled according to the concentration and velocity of colloid. This can be accomplished in the proper configuration of electrical equipment. The complexity is the use of control systems, because an organization needs a large number of electrical signals, such as safety. Signal, workpiece arrival signal, glue start signal, emergency stop mode and glue task completion mode need a lot of input and output to complete, but there are not so many signal interfaces in the general system. We can connect the programmable controller externally and select glue robot in one step to save costs and reduce costs. Detection complexity of obstacle. Of course, this requires more programming work.

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