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Specific manifestations of poor dispensing effect

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The dispensing machine is mainly used to inject precise points of glue, paint and other liquids into the position of each product in the process of product processing. What are the causes of occasional bad products in use?
Dual-position coating dispenser
1. Control the feeding pressure of dispensing machine
The higher the pressure, the larger the dispensing amount, the smaller the dispensing pressure and the smaller the dispensing amount, we should integrate the characteristics of glue, temperature, environment and other factors to reasonably set up to reduce the problem of poor dispensing.
2. Glue Temperature Control
Generally speaking, the storage environment of epoxy resin adhesive should be about 0 - 5 degrees Celsius, and the use temperature should be about 23 degrees Celsius. When using glue, we need to make the glue better adapt to the surrounding environment and avoid the bad problem of wire drawing and dispensing in the process of glue use.
331 coating dispenser
3. Irrational dispensing
Generally speaking, we should follow a principle when dispensing any product, that is, the amount of dispensing does not exceed half of the distance between solder joints. If the amount of glue exceeds, the possibility of bad dispensing will increase.
331 glue dispenser
4. Avoid air entry
The surrounding environment is very important. Before the automatic dispensing machine, we need to put the automatic dispensing machine in a dry and relatively closed environment to avoid air entering. The emptying phenomenon of dispensing machine also reduces the dispensing speed, which is usually a poor performance of dispensing.

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