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Intensifying Demand for Dispensing of Camera Module by Incre

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In recent years, the smartphone market in the camera module industry dispensing machine use momentum is weak. According to data analysis of data companies, smartphone shipments exceeded 1 billion in 2015, and the prosperity of the smartphone market also led to the development of the mobile phone industry chain. Camera module as a smartphone intensive application area has also developed rapidly, and high-pixel cameras are very popular in the market. The camera industry is developing towards the goal of high precision and high pixel. The demand for dispensing of most smart phone camera modules is increasing.
Glue dispensing of smart phone camera module
As a rigorous use in the camera industry, dispensing of camera modules has also developed rapidly. Based on the development trend of camera module Market in the future, international camera companies have purchased dispensing machines in succession. Step size. At present, the camera module includes mobile phone camera, computer camera and car camera number. Mainly used for lens dispensing, voice coil motor dispensing and camera module sensor dispensing, FPC camera module dispensing, etc. Force dispensing area of camera module, and introduce online dispensing machine for dispensing of camera module. SD 950 can achieve high precision, high efficiency, fast speed and high repeatability dispensing operation, help customers uninterruptedly control the coating.
Desktop dispensing machine

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