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Intelligent visual dispenser with diversified functions in t

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With the lightness of hand-held electronic products, visual dispensing machine has higher and higher requirements for the core dispensing technology in the electronic industry. The emergence of high viscous fluid microinjection technology, the principle of high viscous fluid microinjection technology, and the application of ultraviolet curing adhesive in electronic devices have been very successful. From this, we can see the prominent manifestation of the role of visual dispensing machine.
Visual positioning testing coating dispenser
The mechanical ejector operates in a unique way to introduce fluid into the material chamber at relatively low pressure. Usually, the pressure of the filler under the chip is less than 0.1 mPa, which is the same as that of liquid crystal. The pressure of the low viscosity material is about 0.01 mPa. The mechanical ejector generates pressure in the fluid and sprays it through motion.
Chip Packaging Coating
The dispensing technology is becoming more and more strict in industrial production. Traditional dispensing is handled by workers. With the rapid development of automation technology, manual dispensing has been replaced by visual dispensing machine, which is widely used in industrial production, such as integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, electronic components, automotive parts and so on. Handbags and boxes.
Ground-type automatic dispensing machine
Visual dispenser has a wide influence in the industry. In industrial production, dispensing is needed in many places. With the rapid development of automation technology, manual dispensing is far from meeting the needs of the industry. Requirement. Visual dispensing machine can greatly improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and realize some processes that can not be completed by manual dispensing. Visual dispensing machine can realize three-axis linkage and intellectualization in the degree of automation. Work.

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