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Notes for operation of automatic dispensing machine

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For automation equipment, attention must be paid to the operation details. If the operation is not good, it will lead to problems of the equipment used. For example, the poor operation details of high-speed dispensing machine will affect the operation performance. Today dispensing machine manufacturers should pay attention to the details of using dispensing machine:
Three-axis platform automatic dispensing machine
When using dispensing machine, attention should be paid to B pump and air contact, which is prone to hardening and blockage. In order not to affect the normal dispensing process, regular cleaning of B pump is necessary. The cleaning cycle is usually 10-15 days.
Before sealing operation, the first thing to be judged is the start time of the latest sealing. For equipment that has been out of use for more than half a month, glue and residues in the equipment must be removed effectively before reuse. When cleaning with some irritating solvent, we must do a good job of protection. This can improve the performance of dispensing. If not, then there will be problems.
Single-station automatic dispensing machine
Although automatic dispensing machine and glue filling machine have achieved basic automation, the actual packaging process needs to always monitor the dispensing process. When problems arise in dispensing or filling operations, especially when controlling dispensing machines to pay attention to contacting needles, care should be taken to avoid being caught by needles.
In the process of sealing operation, the control of air pressure and the input air pressure should also be paid special attention to. It should not exceed 7par, and the working pressure should not exceed 5.5 bar during the operation of dispensing machine. In order to avoid excessive pressure and affect the glue.
Matching automatic dispensing machine
The dispenser must be maintained to protect it. If not maintained, the service life will be shortened. In this regard, we must pay special attention to the operation of dispenser. If you maintain it, you believe it will take a long time to encounter problems.

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