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Advantages of choosing PUR hot melt dispenser for fabric adh

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It is necessary to apply some hot melt glue between cloth and cloth to achieve adhesion in clothing manufacturing. Therefore, cloth adhesion needs to choose a suitable dispensing machine operation. The manufacturer of hot melt glue machine recommends automation as the choice, and its PUR hot melt glue dispensing machine supports the application of bonding reinforcement for cloth shoes and other materials. In application, it ensures the stability of adhesive bonding and prevents the uneven coating of adhesive from affecting the yield of good products. It can be used to control various hot melt environmentally friendly high-temperature adhesives in the application of fabric bonding or shoe bonding, etc.
Hot Melt Adhesive Bonding of Cloth Coating
Need for cloth adhesion
Some fabrics are bonded with appropriate amount of hot melt adhesive in the production process. Because the garment production needs higher safety, environmental friendly high temperature adhesive is selected for storage control. This kind of hot melt adhesive needs to be heated by heating device and used for quantitative control. Because the colloid temperature is too high, it is not recommended to finish the adhesive bonding manually. It is recommended that the intelligent fully automatic PUR hot melt dispenser be put into use. Only setting parameters can uniformly control the coating and bonding of adhesives. The mode of desktop structure with control board is more convenient for the production line application of hot melt adhesives, such as the bonding of cloth and shoe materials. Therefore, the manufacturers of hot melt adhesives that need to be selected have corresponding technology. Practice and strength are very important.
Standard single-station hot melt dispenser
Intelligent dispensing equipment has higher advantages
PUR hot melt dispensing machine realizes intelligent production of saving labor and cost by fully automatic control mode. It is an automatic equipment recommended by most manufacturers of hot melt adhesives. The programming mode of path setting is simple and convenient. It can be used in coating applications of PUR hot melt adhesives or hot melt environmental friendly high temperature adhesives with various requirements, and can be adhered to by cloth and used in coating applications of PUR hot melt adhesives or hot melt environmental friendly high temperature adhesives. Shoe bonding and other industry applications, can help such batch production greatly improve the efficiency, in order to ensure high consistency as a feature of PUR hot melt dispenser can control a variety of types of hot melt adhesives and be used for two-sided reinforcement, scraping or spraying glue to replace the head can meet the requirements.
Environmental friendly PUR hot melt adhesives
Automated PUR hot melt dispensing machine is selected for application and production in industries such as fabric adhesion. The product rate is high, the stability is strong and the application is comprehensive and diversified.

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