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Application of large visual dispensing machine to realize th

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The application of dispensing equipment plays an important role in the bonding and filling of electronic products. Selecting a visual device with high precision to control the bottom filling material is relatively stable and uniform. In the bottom filling link, it is recommended that the equipment belongs to the same large visual dispensing machine. This automatic high-speed equipment is equipped with the observation dispensing machine with stable operation of the fluid dispensing valve. This equipment has relatively centralized control over the rubber and good precision effect. It can be used in PTC bonding and fingerprint module filling of the rubber filling at the bottom of the demand.
Bottom filling package dispensing
High degree of control of observation dispenser
Bottom filling technology is to use capillary action to make the compound flow through the bottom of the material quickly for filling and bonding. The space micro-degree of capillary flow reaches 10um. It needs assistant equipment with high precision and stable control to control the finished product quality of the bottom filling compound. The observation dispensing machine controlled by large platform uses CCD vision system to assist in positioning and controlling the quality. The control effect and quality of this technology are discussed. Compared with the traditional automation equipment operation, the dispensing speed, time and height can be adjusted by PC observation, so that the fluid dispensing valve can be used to perform different routes of gluing, such as straight, wavy and cross-shaped. One person can operate two machines to meet the need of saving labor. This large-scale visual equipment has lower failure rate and stronger stability. It can effectively fulfill the quality requirements of PTC bonding, fingerprint module filling and other bottom filling rubber links.
Large Ground Visual Positioning Dispenser
Promoting role of investment in industry production
Nowadays, many production rings need to be operated by bottom filling technology. PTC bonding and fingerprint module filling with the same high precision and high quality are required for the same accuracy and efficiency. Large-scale visual observation dispensing machine uses automatic positioning vision system with fluid dispensing valve stable control to perform effective and stable filling application. Fingerprint module filling needs to be carried out effectively and steadily. Rubber filling to the bottom, to achieve heat dissipation and sealing and other operations to promote life and safety performance, filling the effect of rubber can effectively reduce the overall temperature expansion characteristics between the fingerprint module silicon chip and the substrate mismatch or impact caused by external force, so the fingerprint module filled with rubber at the bottom of the fingerprint quality improvement span is obvious.
Fluid dispensing valve with reciprocating suction
The mounting of the fluid dispensing valve is the key factor affecting the filling accuracy. For example, the poor applicability of the type selection of the dispensing valve will affect the application of the bottom filling of the large visual observation dispensing machine.

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