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Examples of common problems in red glue application during b

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Red glue is a kind of adhesive used for the coating of electronic components or components. This paper will introduce the common problems of red glue coating and how to adjust the operation of red glue dispenser. At present, there are many applications of red glue in SMT and PCB, so we will enumerate the common problems and solutions from these industries which apply red glue coating or adhesive. This is helpful for users to complete other types of production rate of good products.
Coating high temperature red glue
What are the common problems with red glue?
1. Displacement
It is more effective to adjust the properties and quality of red glue before operating the red glue dispensing machine and put it into the application of bonding and coating of empty boxes of red glue dispensing machine. One of the common problems is the bonding displacement. It may be that the quality of red glue is poor or the effect of temperature resistance is insufficient. Generally, red glue needs to be heated to a certain temperature to achieve good bonding effect. If it is not replaced or adjusted, the bonding effect will be better. It may lead to a decline in the yield of SMT patches and PCB board gluing applications.
2. Drawing
This is a common problem after finishing the gluing operation. The main reason is that the finished red glue is partially attached to the rubber valve when drawing back. The parameters of the red glue dispenser can be adjusted, and the pullback force can be increased in order to break the viscose quickly, which can greatly reduce the impact of the drawing problem.
SMT patch coated with red glue
3. Lost parts
This is a common problem in red glue coating. It is mainly reflected in the insufficient bonding strength, which makes SMT patches and poor components of PCB board easy to fall off. It is related to the degree of red glue curing. Because the good and stable bonding effect can be achieved only when the red glue is heated to a certain temperature for complete curing, SMT and PCB control patches can be effectively controlled. 。
4. Bubbles in red gum
The main reason is that the uneven adjustment of glue results in the appearance of some bubbles. The bubbles in glue are mentioned by most users in the common problems of red glue coating. The bubbles can be removed after the defoaming process, so that red glue can be used in the adhesive coating with a strong bonding effect and strength. The quality of adhesive bonding will be more firm without the voids in glue, which can be used to control SMT and P. The effect of CB board glue coating is more in line with the needs of the industry.
Standard red glue dispenser
The common problems about red glue coating are mainly the above four points. Most of them are related to the properties and use of the rubber. Only a few of them need to adjust the execution parameters of the red glue dispenser to control.

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