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Selecting AB automatic dispensing machine to strengthen the

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After adjusting the proper proportion of AB glue, it can achieve strong bonding or corrosion resistance, so sticking to the seams of products as waterproof and plugging materials is also based on this. Here, an AB automatic dispensing machine is recommended to adjust the proportion of the glue so as to make it suitable for the production of high-speed dispensing machine. Good proportion adjustment has relatively obvious effect on improving waterproofness, such as waterproof film coating. The application of glue or thermal shrinkage coating industry needs a good proportion adjustment to be fully applicable.
Point coating waterproof glue
Improve waterproof function according to proportion adjustment
Because of the fast curing time of AB glue, small amount of AB glue should be blended according to the proportion of AB glue before use and then used again after holding the use skills. After adjusting the proportion, AB glue can be used in waterproof film or heat shrinkable film coating with good bonding quality and not easy to drop parts. The valve installed by AB automatic dispensing machine can store and adjust the mixing glue of various proportions, and the mainstream AB glue can be used. The ratio of 1:1 to 3:1 will enhance the waterproofing effect of the adjusted compound. Therefore, the waterproof film sticking to the door will be eroded by water for a long time and will not fall off easily. Therefore, it will be of great help to improve the water plugging performance of the waterproof film after coating.
Waterproof Film Coated with Fluid Adhesive for Car Door
Waterproofing of coated and bonded AB glue
The complete curing time of most glue is about 24 hours, and the adjusted AB glue will be shortened. After adjusting the catalyst proportion of AB glue, the bonding strength and quality will be strengthened. Because of the good waterproof effect and the good bonding quality, AB glue will shine brilliantly in the waterproof film coating link. Some electrical appliances choose to mix AB glue instead of special waterproof glue. Water protection, through the AB automatic dispensing machine to adjust the proportion and use in semi-finished coatings, high yield, good bonding quality, excellent waterproofing performance, including decorative thermal shrinkage coatings using AB glue effect is also very good.
Bicomponent adhesive AB
Good waterproofing and blocking effect brings about more comprehensive industry application and production. Mixed AB adhesives with good proportion are used in waterproofing film coating and heat shrinkable film coating. Their efficiency highlights the good bonding quality, and become widely used adhesives with good high strength bonding quality and effective waterproofing effect.

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