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Visual dispensing machine can control semiconductor coating

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Electronics chip coating method of semiconductor material has gradually changed from manual to automatic equipment. It is recommended that visual dispensing machine be used in semiconductor coating with high degree of completion and good quality. So CCD visual dispensing machine has become the recommended equipment for semiconductor production. CCD system is used to enhance the alignment of dispensing machine and to finish the coating of battery cover. Sealant has high precision and stability. It is helpful to reduce common problems of dispensing while applying intelligent equipment.
Semiconductor chip packaging coating
Selection of lifting technology of CCD visual dispenser
Semiconductor coating plays a major protective role. The effect of waterproof and dust-proof of products is greatly improved. The efficiency and quality of semiconductor coating can be strengthened by improving the precision of coating sealant. The high value of finished semiconductors is inseparable from the application of intelligent visual dispensing equipment. CCD visual dispensing machine uses the mode of positioning by CCD camera to determine the way. Diameter is more accurate and faster. At the same time, the production link of semiconductor coating can be operated without special fixture fixture. After positioning, the coating surface can be uniformly controlled. Similarly, the electronic coating links such as battery cover coating and chip pin filling also have obvious effects. Precision equipment has a stronger role in reducing common dispensing problems.
High Speed PC Visual Dispenser
Semiconductor Coating Efficiency Improvement Space
In the process of semiconductor coating, CCD visual dispensing machine requires high synchronization of accuracy and efficiency. Broad operating platform can uniformly and steadily coat multiple semiconductors in one way. The uniform control of the amount of sealant can make the finished product valuable. It has good effect on controlling and reducing the rate of defective products. CCD visual dispensing is still recommended in the process of coating sealant on battery cover. Machine.
Uniform Coating of Semiconductor Chips
The reason why visual dispensing equipment is recommended in semiconductor coating is stability and quality control. At the same time, the common problems of dispensing are greatly reduced, so as to improve the stability effect.

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