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Analysis and consideration should be given to strengthening

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The rising rate of bad products in product dispensing is mainly manifested in the weak stability of dispensing in application products. There are many factors affecting the stability of dispensing, including whether the parameters of automatic glue dispenser are set correctly or not, whether the price of dispensing syringe is considered and whether it is suitable, etc. These are all the reasons that affect the stability of production, so the factors are analyzed and considered. It seems important.
Stainless steel dispensing syringe
Is the selection of dispensing syringe correct?
The poor dispensing stability of automatic glue dispensing machine can sometimes be seen from the choice of accessories, such as the type of dispensing syringe and the applicability of the selection. Considering the price of dispensing syringe, applicability and application effect should also be considered. The stainless steel syringe has the characteristics of long service life and suitable for many applications. It can be used to store a variety of adhesive fluid glue and connect the post-installation of the controller. The application stability of automatic glue machine can be improved by using constant pressure and backdraft parameters. Therefore, before focusing on the price selection of dispensing syringe, it is necessary to analyze the suitability and application stability of dispensing syringe.
Electron potentiometer fixed dispensing
The influence of potentiometer dispensing stability
The common problem of dispensing glue for potentiometer with smaller structure is the dispensing quantity inconsistency. When dispensing glue for potentiometer, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity and accuracy of the dispensing glue. If the problem of influence on stability is mostly the problem of accessories, the stainless steel needle can be used for glue storage and glue storage. When choosing high quality dispensing needle, the price of dispensing needle should also be considered and checked. Whether the air tightness is defective or not, the specifications and other details of needle installation in all stainless steel needle barrel should be considered.
Automatic dispenser
The viscosity of potentiometer dispensing may also be affected by inaccurate setting, including the parameters of dispensing controller, which are one of the reasons affecting the stability of dispensing. In order to prevent the practical application of automatic glue dispensing machine from being affected, we should focus on adjusting parameters to prevent it.

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