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Relay dispensing selection automatic glue filling equipment

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Relay is a kind of electrical control device. It acts as the connection between the control system and the controlled system. The relay dispensing mainly fixes the shell and the relay structure. Anaerobic glue and curing agent are needed to strengthen the bonding effect. The automatic double-liquid glue dispensing machine can fix the relay point after precise control of the anaerobic glue and curing agent. When gluing, all have the figure of this fully automatic gluing equipment.
Small relay dispensing
Full automatic glue filling machine with precise mixing ratio and double liquid glue
Full-automatic double-liquid glue dispensing machine can be used to control a variety of proportions, such as 1:1, 1:5, 1:10 and so on. At present, many fine-structured electronic components can be applied to automatic dispensing equipment. The moving of silver guide rail is more smooth and fast, the dispensing repetition accuracy is low and the dispensing control is even. The efficiency and quality of relay dispensing demand can be considered simultaneously, and the electric stirring can be configured. Mix dispensing valve to further enhance the glue control effect, so that a variety of ratios of double liquid glue is more suitable for relay bonding and tightening.
Ground-type double-liquid glue dispensing machine
Assemble high performance control valves
In order to prevent the glue ratio and treatment from not conforming to the relay fitting, the electric stirring dispensing valve was replaced. At the same time, the electric stirring dispensing valve made of aluminium alloy has a long service life and good corrosion resistance, and can be compatible with a variety of medium and low erosion glue to put into use. The effect of assembling the electric stirring dispensing valve on the fully automatic double-liquid dispensing machine is better.
Two-component stirring dispensing valve
Brief analysis of relay dispensing operation steps
After mixing the two-liquid glue according to the proportion before the relay bonding, it is put into the electric mixing dispensing valve to stir and improve the activity and use. After setting the filling speed, the amount of glue and the backdraft time of the full-automatic double-liquid glue dispensing machine with the instructor, it can be used to complete the relay dispensing work. Finally, it is necessary to test whether the relay is leaking by water inspection to avoid the filling of defective products. Repulsion affects the production line.

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