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Fully automatic dispensing machine is used to meet the high

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the development of the automotive industry is getting better and better. People's requirements for automotive configuration are also getting higher and higher. Clutch is an important part of it. For the clutch injection process requirements are also constantly improving in the industry, like the manual dispensing machine or ordinary automatic dispensing machine is difficult to meet the requirements of the clutch injection, and in recent years, the full-automatic dispensing machine is more and more perfect, the use of full-automatic dispensing machine to meet the requirements of the clutch injection production, then What are the advantages of automatic dispensing machine in clutch injection?
We need to understand the importance of the clutch first. The clutch is similar to the switch. It is an important part of the automobile's combined and disconnected power. It is installed between the engine and the transmission. It is the total component connected with the engine. The importance of the clutch can be imagined. This is very high for the clutch gel injection process requirements, we have to do a good job in the gel injection part, so as to ensure the quality of automobile clutch. The selection of dispensing needle is also an important link.
Using automatic glue filling machine, the automatic glue filling machine has a higher degree of automation and better dispensing effect. It can meet better requirements when used on the clutch glue injection, and it is automatic operation and convenient management.
And automatic dispensing machine avoids manual dispensing machine defects, such as inaccurate location of glue inadvertently due to errors in the operation of employees, or manual problems, will often cause glue drawing, leakage phenomenon, which will greatly affect the efficiency of work. The automatic dispensing machine will not have these artificial reasons, and the efficiency of the automatic dispensing machine is guaranteed, and the quality of the application in the clutch injection can also be guaranteed. At present, there are also two-component glue injection machine, two-component glue injection machine filling process requirements are very high, also very in line with the clutch glue injection requirements.

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