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How to ensure the stability of glue outlet in the glue dispe

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The stability of glue production is a factor that determines the quality of products. How to ensure the stability of glue production becomes very important. Xiaobian knows that there is an important way to ensure the stability of glue production, such as wall lamp glue filling, first, using equipment that meets the requirements of glue filling, second, matching parts, third, glue production control. All meet the needs, which is the most effective.
Gel stability
LED洗墙灯灌胶机 LED industry is also a large industry for dispensing applications, wall lamp glue filling is only one of them, but in order to improve the stability of the glue, we also produced an LED wall lamp glue filling machine, specially prepared for the production of LED wall lamp washing machine, glue control and glue flow speed control have this very good effect, more importantly, each. The most important thing is that each dot meets the need of wall lamp glue filling.
Product production process
LED灯珠 The stability of glue discharge is directly related to the design of dispensing accessories, steps and daily maintenance. The control of glue flow rate is related to the design of steps. There will be a process for glue filling in wall lamp washing. For example, the glue filling machine of LED wall lamp is ready to work in wall lamp washing. First of all, the production steps must be designed, and then the measured data will be transmitted. Enter the glue filling machine of the LED wall lamp, then set the dispensing interval time according to the distance, and then test it after completion. Pay attention to the glue flow rate should not be adjusted too much at the beginning.
洗墙灯灌胶 Wall lamp glue filling machine using LED wall lamp glue filling machine, can meet the glue water speed demand, which appears to be more stable, this is the small editor to tell you the use method, choose the most suitable machine for production needs, according to the product shape, the LED wall lamp glue filling machine is for its production, glue water speed will be better effective. Fruit.

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