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Large flow dispensing valve with large glue output

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  The outlet diameter of large flow dispensing valve is relatively large, so the amount of glue discharged is more than that of other valves. It is widely used in large area dispensing products such as anti-theft door spraying, wall lamp filling and so on. Because of the large flow dispensing valve discharging more glue, the product is dispensing and sealing work, but also It is necessary to configure a large capacity dispensing pressure barrel in the LED wall lamp filling machine to ensure that dispensing equipment can provide glue in time to complete the LED wall lamp filling work.
Large flow dispensing valve

  LED wash wall lamp glue, use large flow dispensing valve.

  Common LED wall lamp is mainly in the shape of strip, and strip wall lamp in the heat dissipation effect is relatively good, and strip on dispensing work is also beneficial, LED wall lamp dispensing machine is a large visual dispensing machine, this kind of dispensing equipment workbench area is relatively large, the number of large flow dispensing valve assembly is probably About 10 pieces, large flow dispensing valve glue out more, for the wall lamp filling, you can first set the appropriate amount of glue out, in the same teaching box to adjust the LED wall lamp filling machine working path, large flow dispensing valve can automatically fill glue work. Some dispensing problems will inevitably occur during dispensing, such as glue curing, drawing and so on.
LED wall washing machine

  Solutions to common dispensing problems

  The problem of glue solidification has a great influence on the work of filling glue for LED wall-washing lamp. The problem of glue solidification is caused by the quality of glue, large flow dispensing valve or the poor sealing effect of the glue sealing for LED wall-washing lamp. It is relatively simple to solve the problem of glue solidification by washing the wall with LED. Before pouring glue into the lamp, check the sealing of the dispensing valve or equipment with large flow rate and whether the glue has abnormal details, and make sure there is no problem, then the glue solidification problem will not occur.
Large flow dispensing valve
  The application of large flow dispensing valve with large glue output in the glue filling process of LED wall lamp can improve production efficiency, but it is necessary to install large capacity dispensing pressure bucket in the glue filling machine of LED wall lamp before glue filling to ensure that glue can be supplied in time by glue filling equipment.

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