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Glue injection needles selected according to demand can meet

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Injection needle belongs to a kind of mixed needle, can strengthen the mixing degree between glue, more in line with the current two-component injection machine, injection needle is also divided into several types, in line with the two-component injection machine is a special needle, but also a single-tube needle, dispensing precision is higher, more in line with the production of small needles.
注胶针头 Using glue injection function to improve production quality
The glue injection machine manufacturer can produce not only the two-component glue injection machine, but also the glue injection needle, which can meet the current demand for clutch glue injection. The glue injection machine combined with the glue injection needle can improve the glue control effect, because the two-component glue injection machine is composed of their own parts, so whether it meets the clutch glue injection requirements or not. There is a direct relationship between accessories and accessories, and of course there is a greater relationship with glue.
How to select injection needle
How to select a glue injection needle that is suitable for the production of its own industry? First of all, according to the requirements of the industry for glue, such as clutch glue injection can only use two-component glue, which can only choose two-component glue injection machine and static mixing needle, in order to meet the industry production needs, or there will be various types of problems, in order to prevent such problems, the configuration of appropriate accessories is essential.
And for the industry has high-precision dispensing needs, which choice of injection needles, but also bias to precision, and then according to the use of glue, decide which type of needle is more in line with demand, of course, can also be customized according to demand for some injection needles, high-precision requirements, can choose to be customized in the injection machine manufacturers, so that can be able to Control the diameter of the needle, so as to control the output of glue.
Manufacturers can customize various accessories.
Injection machine manufacturers can customize injection needle, injection machine and various accessories, two-component injection machine can also be customized according to their requirements, so that it more in line with the clutch injection, improve the injection effect, which is the advantage of selecting injection needle according to requirements.

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