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The spray dispensing valve can be assembled in the automatic

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  The spraying dispensing machine can finish the spraying production without touching the product. The spraying process is adopted in the automatic dispensing machine, which avoids the problem of scraping products when the automatic dispensing machine is working. Generally, this spray dispensing valve is assembled in the high-speed spray dispensing machine, assembled in this automatic dispensing machine, can quickly complete the product spraying process, and this valve control glue output effect is very good.
 Spray dispensing valve

  Control of glue dispensing quantity by spray dispensing valve

  The spray dispensing valve is mainly used to finish the spraying and encapsulation of the product without contacting the product. It is widely used in some high precision dispensing industries, which is related to the control effect of the spray dispensing valve on the glue output. Spray dispensing valve is a high-precision dispensing accessories, assembled in high-speed spray dispensing machine to complete high-efficiency glue spraying process to improve the quality of product dispensing production.
 Spray dispensing valve
  The control function of spray dispensing valve to glue output is not only related to its own function, but also related to the glue output set by automatic dispensing machine. The setting of glue output of high-speed spray dispensing machine is closely related to the glue quality and concentration used, so it is necessary to combine the actual product dispensing with the setting of working parameters. The demand is completed to ensure the glue spraying process of high speed jet dispenser.
High speed jet dispenser

  Assemble jet valve to avoid scratching in high speed jet dispenser.

  High-speed spray dispensing machine is a high-precision dispensing equipment, in the high-precision dispensing industry has a very wide range of applications, high-speed spray dispensing machine itself can carry out non-contact spraying process, by configuring the spray dispensing valve to control the glue output, can complete the high-efficiency spraying process. And the spray dispensing valve assembly in the automatic dispensing machine, but also can effectively avoid the problem of scraping products in the dispensing process.

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