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Flow control valve for controlling glue flow of high speed d

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By dispensing dispensing valve can work normally on the processing of the special glue dispensing machine equipped with high speed dispensing valve called flow control valve, this is because the amount of glue dispensing processing common control valve cannot deal with high speed, so the need for a special flow control valve, then the control valve has what characteristics. Through access to information on the following.
Working valve of high speed dispensing machine
The flow control valve in addition to the treatment of ordinary glue, AB glue can handle high viscosity glue, can transport pipeline is connected with a variety of direct and glue storage rubber tube connection is convenient to use, can greatly improve work efficiency, improve the processing of glue reflects the high material utilization rate, to a certain degree save the cost of the supplies, is a special high speed dispensing dispensing valve needs necessary.
Automatic return suction high speed dispensing valve
Flow control valve glue glue after special treatment for high speed dispensing, dispensing path uniform deviation, the control valve of the support, the high speed dispensing efficiency of normal dispensing is equivalent to 10 manual dispensing personnel, control valve used in conveying pipe belonging to the black material disposable tube, so keep dispensing work after a period of time, if insufficient durability can be directly replaced, convenient cleaning does not need the complex process of change. The black material is to pipe applications like this special adhesive glue, adhesive contact to ultraviolet light in sunlight to immediately cured black tube can avoid this problem, reflects the comprehensive flow control valve design considerations.
AB high speed dispenser
From the appearance, the flow control valve structure is very close, durable, easy installation, simple demolition and other characteristics, so it can be applied in the treatment of high-speed glue dispenser.

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