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Clamping valve of steel Longmen high speed dispensing machin

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Pinch valve is a type of high-speed steel working parts of Longmen inside the dispensing machine, also called air valve and pinch off valve is mainly used for liquid barrier effect, whether it is the glue or oil and other special liquid can be used, has the corrosion resistance and wear capacity, either pneumatic or electric can drive valve adjustment, and even through the artificial operation, with more features and functions.
Pinch valve of high speed dispenser
The electric clamp valve is operated by electromagnetism. When the glue is squeezed, it will flow from the hose, and it will not affect the normal work of the accessories of Longmen high speed dispensing machine, and the durability of the hose is higher, it can be used for a long time without damage, and ensure its service life. It has the advantages of low power consumption, good heat dissipation and so on.
Large Longmen high speed dispensing machine
The pneumatic control pinch valve can effectively guarantee the low pressure air consumption. In this process, the resource consumption can be saved and the flow direction will not be deviation. The selected protective inner bush is made of specially selected materials. Small friction resistance can ensure the smoothness of the glue delivery process, and has high sealing performance, effectively prevent glue leakage of high-speed dispensing machine, through pneumatic control will not plug and other common problems.
Floor type high speed dispenser
Steel clip valve body in the installation instructions on the detailed description, the protection of the inner bush can be directly replaced, low cost and easy to use, in the implementation of Longmen type high-speed dispenser cleaning work should pay attention to the removal of the clamp valve, separate cleaning. The valve can not only be applied in Longmen type high speed dispensing machine of the large equipment, can also be applied to other conveying links, such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry and plastic industry and other related civil industry, and also widely used in metering system, vacuum conveying air control system.

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