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Deep groove ball bearing dispenser

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Deep groove ball bearings called radial ball bearings, because it depends on the rolling operation, so the friction is low speed high, widely used in high voltage motor or machine, wherein the dispensing work can also be used to deep groove ball bearings, so the bearing has the characteristics of what?
Dispenser deep groove ball bearing
We used to the deep groove ball bearings by inside and outside the two ring, stainless steel ball and protection work under a fixed frame, note the stainless steel deep groove ball can not work for a long time, may also be because of corrosion and affect the normal operation of the work, bearing the general motors work dispensing machines are used in sealed deep groove ball structure, can the role of dust and grease sealed bearings in a certain extent, so as to achieve high speed and stable support glue dispensing machine.
Single position high speed dispenser
There are some matters need to pay special attention to the deep groove ball bearings, bearing when dispensing long time does not work inside will not run on the machine to carry out a full range of maintenance is very important, remember that after the completion of normal maintenance ensure the sealing integrity, when the bearing is more than the normal period after easy to rust, so every time after the completion of maintenance can be added some paint on it, and try to avoid glue dispensing with corrosion pollution into the dispensing work affect the use of motor.
Double head double station dispensing machine
Deep groove ball bearing clearance ideal close to 0, so the motor operation for dispensing machine can play the biggest effect, clearance work need only be a little, of course can also keep preload preload within a certain range will not influence the deep groove ball bearing. In principle, the deep groove ball bearings should be installed on the dispensing motor as much as possible to make the bearings bear less force.

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