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Screw valve of micro high speed dispensing machine

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Micro high speed dispensing machine is a realization of high speed precision dispensing machine work, mainly used in chip packaging and components adhesive etc, because of its unique configuration of the special screw valve so to complete most of the work target, then there exists the screw valve and the dispensing valve general what difference, here Xiaobian to explain roughly.
Screw type return suction valve
As the name suggests is a spiral screw valve structure design of a dispensing valve, wherein the small parts of rotating parts supporting bearing and rotating magnetic field by using the seal design, complement each other to achieve a smooth transfer of glue when working with this way of working is to keep the maximum benefits from glue stability, not cut off the adhesive problem in the dispensing machine, to ensure the continuity and consistency of high-speed dispensing operation, the bottom structure of screw valve is very precise, so the cement volume control accuracy is very high, can realize the different needs of micro dispensing.
Single station micro speed dispensing machine
Screw the glue dispensing valve can adjust the frequency, through the implementation of continuous trace collision of the piston rubber, simple structure and high controllability, demolition and cleaning work is also very simple, simple structure of the screw valve so the demolition work is very convenient, so how to solve the dispensing valve screw is the common problem of drawing in here leakage of adhesive for example, when there is more common problems after the screw valve will start by itself to absorption function, these bad glue strong suction, to ensure that no residue marks the object surface, clean health.
Two position high speed dispenser
This unique screw valve manufacturing high speed dispensing machine can help realize micro dispensing, whether electronic parts or medical photoelectric semiconductor packaging industry packaging are applicable, reflects the very high screw valve practicability and application, especially in the better configuration using the screw type high speed dispensing machine specialized, practical work will be further enhanced.

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