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Special rubber cylinder for Longmen high speed dispensing

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Longmen high speed dispensing machine also known as desktop high-speed dispensing machine, the shell is made of special stainless steel, high corrosion resistant performance and has high hardness, so the compressive ability is strong, can be used in many industrial fields of civilian chemical gluing package, which need special glue tube to the normal dispensing needle work. This special cassette called needle.

Glue dispenser needle

The cassette rubber is made from metal, good sealing and high heat resistance, can be stored as the high-temperature hot melt glue, mainly supporting dispensing machine use, also can use manual dispensing needle, design is in conformity with the relevant aspects of the structure of the card dispenser in Longmen also took into account the body the manual manual dispensing will not feel difficult to use. Some cassette needles after blackening treatment can store special glue, like this kind of adhesive glue will encounter ultraviolet fast curing can be stored.

Card needle glue can achieve very high precision, 0.05mm precision glue, negative pressure control can be adjusted to 600mm pump column by LED multi station display can freely adjust the amount of glue, glue can guarantee the precision and high quality.

A large volume of glue for storing glue

Use plastic cartridge, first glue into the plastic tube, and then the sealing cover is tightened, it is necessary to note that this link can not be separated for too long, to avoid air foreign body into, and sealed lid can not be accompanied by foreign bodies. The needle tube sealing card after the completion of the work will be connected to the pressure in the pipeline, through air pressure pipe to adjust the value to work properly according to the actual conditions, to adjust the working time according to the amount of glue and rubber cylinder pressure value, press the manual switch or foot switch can be used for dispensing glue tube type.

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