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Application and working principle of spray valve

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Automatic dispensing machines are increasingly being used in different industries. The dispensing process of product dispensing is basically inseparable from the dispensing and bonding process of automatic dispensing machines, especially those that do not require separate dispensing. There are more requirements for automatic dispensing machines. Naturally, more automatic dispensing equipment is needed. For example, spray technology is needed. The operation of the industry, not only with the dispensing valve can be solved, but also the application of spray valve Oh!
Atomization spray control rubber valve
Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a dispenser manufacturer with strong strength, which is able to provide a complete response plan according to different industries or different needs. No matter the product is special or the adhesive is special, it can do everything possible to solve the problem for the customers. The following is the application case of the spray valve on the automatic dispensing machine. We need to solve the difficulties.
Special rotary spray valve
Application requirements for spray valves:
1. The fluid is a low viscosity anti curing agent, with uniform atomization effect and no atomized water drop, which is evenly sprayed on the support surface.
2. There is no water drop at the outlet of the spray valve.
3. No more glue
Working principle of spray valve
The spray valve enters the air pressure through the air compressor and atomized the glue with strong pressure. Usually, the air pressure in the rubber cylinder is much higher than that in the atmospheric pressure. The liquid in the rubber cylinder is used to enter the spray valve nozzle part by a strong pressure. The screen in the sprinkler will sieve the liquid into tiny droplets and spray out, then be dispersed by the pressure to form a spray.
331 coating dispensing machine
Main difficulties in application:
1, atomization effect is better, it is necessary to choose the spray valves produced by powerful manufacturers, and the parts are more precise.
2. It is difficult to use the glue with strong volatility and corrosivity for protection. Protective measures shall be taken to protect the internal parts from corrosion.
There is a great difference between the automatic and semi-automatic spraying methods. The theoretical efficiency of the automatic dispensing machine is 80-90K and the manpower is saved.
Solution configuration: automatic dispensing machine + medium spray valve + exclusive spray controller.

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