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Common classification of dispensing needles for reference

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The dispensing needle is a metal needle that can be loaded and unloaded on the top of the dispensing syringe. Needle sizes are usually very small, ranging from 14g to 35g. In addition, there are many kinds of dispensing needles and bottles according to the color.
Stainless steel dispensing and gluing needle
The main types are clamp needles, stainless steel needles, brush needles, Teflon needles, spiral plastic seat needles, multi-tube needles, super-long stainless steel needles, stainless steel needles, elbow needles, TT oblique needles, polypropylene scrambling needles and other dispensing needles. All stainless steel needles are manufactured through precision processing. Stainless steel needles are manufactured with unique manufacturing technology. There is no burr after polishing. It can achieve precise gluing, eliminating wire drawing, double-screw locking and large-area rotary design. It not only makes accessories safer but also makes disassembly easier. Diversified classification of dispensing needles can support customization of various lengths and sizes.
Soft Teflon dispensing needle
Teflon dispensing needle, also known as fast-drying dispensing needle, is a special dispensing needle for dispensing fast glue.
Stainless steel dispensing needle is widely used because of its high quality and long service life, so this kind of needle is very popular with users.
Multi-tube stainless steel dispensing needle
Polypropylene flexible dispensing needle can effectively prevent scratch of the panel, and the glue flow is not smooth. This is a practical dispensing needle.
There is a non-blocking type in the classification of dispensing needles. TT oblique needle is a kind of all-plastic dispensing needle. For those with low flow requirements, it is easy to plug and reuse.

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