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Illustration of UV glue needle barrel loaded by fully automa

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Ultraviolet glue used for coating and sealing is suitable for the application of transparent materials. Most of the targeted UV glue syringes are selected for storage or location glue. The automatic system-controlled UV glue dispenser also needs the support of this syringe. The automatic control system locates the moving syringe to point the UV glue at the sealant. It can be used in a series of production links of light curtain dispensing or mobile phones. Application of technology such as touch screen fitting or screen dispensing suspension for mobile phone
Black UV adhesive syringe
Particularity of UV glue syringe
Ultraviolet glue commonly used in translucent materials, also known as instant dry glue, greatly accelerates the curing rate after exposure to ultraviolet light. According to this property, special needle barrels are needed for storing dispensing glue, amber or black external UV glue barrels. This kind of needle barrel has good stability for storing UV glue. Non-standard custom-made UV dispensing machine has added ultraviolet lamp to promote the curing rate after spot coating. Specification needle barrel can store different solvents of UV glue, mainly used in light curtain dispensing reinforcement or mobile phone touch screen bonding or screen dispensing suspension applications.
Amber dispensing syringe
Needle barrel suitable for coating and bonding of semi-finished products
UV glue syringe can store many kinds of UV glue with different volumes. The main reason for the application of touch screen bonding is light transmission. The bonding between touch screen and body of mobile phone is coated with UV glue and then joined by UV light to accelerate the curing rate of UV glue. The bonding effect is fast and the relative pollution is low. It provides a stable effect for automatic UV glue dispenser to carry out bonding point, with amber color. Or black UV glue syringe can be selected by users. Touch screen coated with UV glue reinforcement quality and syringe has a role that can not be ignored.
Mobile screen dispensing suspension
Screen dispensing suspension technology is mainly coated with a strong UV adhesive at the contact position between the screen and the frame. Targeted needle barrel can improve the quality of colloid bonding. The application of multi-type UV glue needle barrel for dispensing suspension technology is also based on this.

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