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All stainless steel needle barrel is recommended for dispens

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The dispensing syringe is commonly known as extrusion tube, which is mainly used for storing glue. The automatic dispensing syringe can be loaded with syringe or with glue valve dispensing, which is relatively low in use and cost. The syringe made of stainless steel material has good corrosion resistance and service life. The versatility of all stainless steel syringes lies in this. Contact dispensing is fast and even in glue supply. Then the actual application effect can also be shown to the user to understand that the glue supply effect of this syringe is fast and stable when the batch potentiometer dispensing is completed.
Stainless steel lug extruder
Introduce the effect of practical application
Potentiometer dispensing is mainly for fixed function, the potentiometer is fixed on electronic devices with glue, mainly in order to avoid displacement errors caused by movement, and can be easily disassembled without fixed death, need to use specific glue to complete the potentiometer fixed dispensing, extrusion cartridge types according to material classification and there are differences, if the extrusion cartridge is made of plastic can be used. It can't be compatible with glue needed for dispensing with various potentiometers. The advantage of all stainless steel needle barrel is that there are many adhesives suitable for use. Contact dispensing is further strengthened after setting.
The fixed part of extrusion rubber drum made of stainless steel with ears is used to prevent the influence of dropping parts during the dispensing operation of potentiometer. The glue is coated on the contact surface by using automatic glue dispensing quantitative control, setting the path and parameters of automatic glue dispensing machine to finish the contact glue dispensing quickly, which has a positive effect on the synchronous improvement of production efficiency and stability.
Metal potentiometer dispensing and fixing
Needle barrel can be selected in many styles
There are many kinds of stainless steel needle barrels according to specifications, such as 10CC, 30CC, 50CC and other diversified specifications, which belong to a kind of fittings with strong versatility in many glue extrusion barrels. It can not only be connected to the automatic glue dispensing machine to control the dispensing, but also to complete manual contact dispensing by connecting a manual controller such as 982, so it is suitable for both manual dispensing and automatic dispensing. It meets the diversification needs of large-scale production of potentiometer dispensing and other electronic products in small and medium-sized production lines.
Multi-specification stainless steel dispensing needle barrel
Neutral automation provides a variety of American and Japanese stainless steel needle barrels, with many specifications and good dispensing effect. It is the choice direction for stable contact dispensing.

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