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Accuracy Control of Aluminum Needle in Precision Dispensing

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The dispensing process of most small products should have high accuracy, such as electronic parts, etc. There are many potential factors that may affect the precision dispensing of automatic dispensing machine. The accuracy control of the aluminum needle mentioned in this article is related to the improvement of dispensing accuracy, and it has an obvious and effective effect on the improvement of users'high-precision manufacturing.
Multi-specification aluminium dispensing needle
High strength and good quality
Aluminum dispensing needle has higher service life and good anti-corrosion function. It is compatible with many kinds of low and medium viscosity glue and provides smooth dispensing effect. It is used to complete the standard accessories for precise dispensing. It supports the matching use of various dispensing valves and dispensing needle barrels. Whether manual dispensing or automatic dispensing is a practical accessory, and the top thread is used for fixing. It is an important guarantee to improve the working stability of the automatic dispensing machine and also an aluminium needle with better control of dispensing accuracy to prevent the direct impact of vibration and dropping parts when dispensing at full automatic and high speed.
Multi-tube aluminium dispensing needle
Compared with other needles, it has more advantages.
Poor durability and poor service life of ordinary plastic needles are often potential factors affecting the stability of automatic dispensing machine. Most operators pay less attention to needles. The reason why the amount of glue can not be accurately controlled during dispensing is usually checked from pneumatic feeding or air compressor. It is difficult to contact the wear of dispensing needles, which will also affect the amount of glue dispensing, while aluminium can also affect the amount of glue dispensing. The needle can withstand more wear without deforming and offset, and has more compatible glue than the plastic needle. Considering the cost performance ratio, it is undoubtedly that the aluminium needle can promote the normal use of the automatic dispensing machine.
Aluminum elbow dispensing needle
In order to ensure the precision and stability of automatic dispensing, users will choose durable and wear-resistant aluminium needles which are more practical and valuable.

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