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Large vertical high speed dispenser

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Requirements of large-scale production line of equipment is very high, auxiliary equipment manufacturers will choose intelligent high-speed, desktop dispensing machine can not fully meet the production line of small station work demand, the market there is a large vertical high speed dispensing machine is to package the equipment, high strength strong consistency, can meet thedispensing the work needs of users, with the following we understand this large high speed dispensing machine vertical structure.
Large vertical high speed dispenser
Large vertical high speed dispensing machine imported by stepping motor as the dispensing drive mode, flexible working arm dispensing can be various points, line and plane multi axis dispensing work, is the main track guide is equipped with high elastic wear convenient dispensing arm for free movement of point glue. Special customized parts to make it stable in the high-speed dispensing process without noise, super large dispensing platform can perform a large number of dispensing mode, to ensure the quality of dispensing and dispensing efficiency.
Vertical double head high speed dispenser
The teaching box is in order to facilitate the operation of personnel programming and configuration, vertical high-speed dispensing machine equipped with teaching box to facilitate the dispensing of working parameters according to the demand change, support CAD directly into the dispensing work map, also supports the PLC programming, using USB for data transmission, with the use of convenience and advantage the data transfer speed, mainly used in a variety of high-speed packaging, filling, filling and sealing work. Apply the glue more, in addition to supporting silicone and epoxy resin adhesive glue and other commonly used, can be used as adhesive and other special red glue glue, the glue mixing system can more fully put into use, to ensure the quality of high-speed dispensing work.
Operation instruction box for high speed dispensing machine
Large vertical high speed dispensing machine has the characteristics of powerful, durable and practical, so that it can be fully engaged in various high demand production line for dispensing.

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