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Large multi station high speed glue dispenser

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Large multi station high speed dispensing machine is a new product with high speed dispensing machine based on producing a practical product, capable of dispensing a plurality of products at a time, very consistent with the current production of a dispensing equipment, can be widely used in the electronics industry, and mobile phone industry applications more this is, with high speed dispensing machine is a certain performance.

Multi station visual high-speed dispensing machine

This large dispensing machine is a high-speed dispensing machine for manufacturing base, many parts are using a high speed dispensing machine accessories, such as: imported micro precision motor and a simple type controller, because these two kinds of technology are exquisite, used in multi station dispensing machine can help control the amount of glue.

In the electronic industry. The precision requirements are relatively high, large common dispensing problem is a fatal problem in the electronics industry, so the control can not be sloppy in size, and large multi station high speed dispensing machine with high precision dispensing valve and PLC programming software, the use of these components and systems are complementary. The minimum amount of glue glue control can make the multi station dispensing machine in 0.002 ml, in repeated dispensing accuracy can be controlled in 0.03mm.

Floor type large multi station dispensing machine

Besides these there is a large multi station high speed manipulator dispensing machine control, the use of automatic control system, the general is the use of computer control, can put on the feedback system of mechanical arm motion parameters of large, real-time monitoring of the manipulator operation, every large multi station high speed dispensing machine busy the manipulator operation burden is relatively heavy, the problem will be more, so the control of manipulator is more important.
Omnibearing visual multi station dispensing machine

Large multi station high speed dispensing machine has many advantages, and many enterprises for dispensing the feedback information is very good, as long as the failure is not working, generally does not appear in any of the dispensing.

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