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10 technological problems of automatic visual dispensing machine
1. Incorrect adjustment of dispensing time causes unstable dispensing amount;
2. The gas supply of the factory changes greatly, and the dispensing quantity is unstable due to the change of gas supply;
3. The change of the amount of glue in the dispensing syringe results in the inconsistency of the amount of glue dispensing;
4. In the dispensing process, the needle has glue, which causes the dispensing amount of each semi-finished product to be inconsistent;
5. Temperature change leads to the instability of dispensing quantity;
6. The viscosity of glue changes at any time and thickens, resulting in inaccurate dispensing;
7. Repeated and frequent glue quantity modulation is easy to cause abnormal quality;
Large automatic visual dispensing machine
Equipment description
The fully automatic visual dispensing airborne tool is 450 * 450 * 8 safety glass plate, which can be put into use immediately without the need of customized fixture to guarantee the horizontal plane
Barrel: 50ml100ml200ml300ml optional reduce rubber change frequency and improve work efficiency
Omnidirectional vision recognition system
The omni-directional visual recognition system attached to the full-automatic visual dispensing machine can achieve high-efficiency recognition. It is a variety of base materials, irregular placement of raw materials, greatly improving the work efficiency and reducing the cost of fixed fixtures. Users of the dispensing process do not need to observe the machine and equipment all the time, as long as the glass plate with raw materials is placed on the work surface every time, Press the start button to finish the whole board dispensing operation
Volume dispensing valve
The dispensing precision with a maximum deviation of ± 0.05g can be achieved. Through safety testing, it can meet the manufacturing requirements of most consumers in LED or cob packaging. The positive white fluorescent powder filling precision can reduce the tedious steps of traditional air pressure dispensing, which require manual spectrograph to complete contrast sampling, change air pressure to calibrate, greatly reduce the working intensity of equipment use, and ensure the contrast integrity, Improve the delivery rate of good products
Metering control glue dispensing valve
application area
The automatic visual dispensing machine is applicable to LED integrated cob horizontal light source fluorescent powder dispensing operation. It can finish single point, straight line, circle and various irregular figure coating in the horizontal
Desktop vision automatic dispensing machine
Features and advantages
High efficiency: 6ml screw volume dispensing system is selected for dispensing, and the output value of bracket type semi-finished products is highly efficient.
High level of intelligence: it does not need to place the raw materials, volume dispensing, automatic detection of the location of dispensing, etc., only one person can use several machines together, reducing labor costs even more.
User friendly system interface: select windows system, equipped with professional dispensing control software, easy to use.
The program editor is simple and clear, the program of the automatic visual dispensing machine is easy to learn and popular, saving time and effort.
Cost saving: the following maintenance is simple and easy, and the cleaning operation can be completed within 5-10 minutes.
This full-automatic visual dispensing machine is very applied to the high-precision intelligent dispensing of semi-finished products such as cob integrated surface light source and high power.

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