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What is the principle of the spray valve which can carry out

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  The reason why the high-speed dispensing machine can do non-contact dispensing work on the product is closely related to the principle of the injection valve. It can be said that the high-speed dispensing machine can do non-contact dispensing work by the principle of the injection valve. What is the principle of a spray valve assembled on a high-speed spray dispensing machine for non-contact dispensing?
Principle of injection valve

  Introduction of injection dispensing valve structure

  Spray dispensing valve is a little distance between the work and dispensing products, so in the use of products do not need to use a dispensing needle, can prevent product surface scratch problem. Before introducing the principle of the spray valve, first to understand the spray dispensing valve manufacturing structure, this spray dispensing valve is composed of one inlet, two inlets, valve switch, valve body parts and other parts, two inlets have one is normally open, one is normally closed, the overall volume is not large, if the use of high-speed Spray dispensing machine support assembly of many jetting valves also need to be used in large high-speed dispensing machine, this spray dispensing valve can not only do non-contact dispensing work, the glue output control method is also very good, then what is the principle of the spray valve?
High speed jet dispenser

  Brief introduction of injection valve principle

  Spray valve principle is relatively simple, assembled in the high-speed spray dispensing machine on the product dispensing process, first through the normally open air inlet to absorb air pressure, when the pressure in this spray dispensing valve reaches a certain amount, the glue in the spray valve will be ejected, to complete the dispensing spraying of the product. By assembling the spray dispensing valve in the spray dispensing valve, the glue output can meet the product dispensing requirements.
Spray dispensing valve
  The principle of spray valve is to spray a certain amount of glue by air pressure, and high-speed spray dispensing machine can be used to speed up the production efficiency of product dispensing.

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