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Is there a high speed glue machine with full function?

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The function of comprehensive high speed dispensing machine from the actual situation does not seem to exist completely, the industry wide applicability of high-speed automatic dispensing machine function more comprehensive, adhesive, coating, filling and other work can help the majority of the industry production process, production and dispensing quality and efficiency with synchronous lifting.
A single station hot melt adhesive full automatic high speed glue dispenser
In the production of most small products, bonding, packaging work with superior performance and comprehensive function of dispensing equipment can complete more products, including high-speed automatic dispensing machine with automatic dispensing dispensing mode and strengthen the efficiency of products, while reducing the product dispensing to link human resources and material cost, make the product the production efficiency is improved accordingly, anodized aluminum made of body appearance and application of dispenser dispensing more stable, high speed dispensing work smoothly and low noise, suitable for various product dispensing bonding work.
The adhesive work of high-speed automatic dispensing machine is applicable to a variety of products in the application of high-speed automatic dispensing production quality in high demand in the production line, and also according to different production requirements of various working modes of programming, such as array product dispensing, dispensing, pattern extraction of circular elliptical path filling models.
Single station full automatic high speed glue machine
High speed automatic dispensing machine is easy to operate, support a variety of program, through the PLC programming control can also be applied to engineering drawings into CAD dispensing aspect of the product, a high degree of consistency of automatic dispensing will help the different needs of the production line to improve the quality.

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