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At present, many manufacturers are producing automatic dispensing machine, spray type automatic dispensing machine has not completely universal, basic is the use of high-speed precision dispensing machine for production, which requires the use of glue dispensing needle, using needles can improve the precision of dispensing, dispensing different industries need to use different amount of needles, also increased the applicability of high speed precision dispensing machine.
The use of different glue dispensing needle needs to be replaced, for example: different high-speed dispensing machine using instant glue, need to use a pipe Teflon dispensing needle and Teflon, so easy to use instant dry glue dispensing, Teflon is a special material, can prevent the industry application of instant glue solidification in the pipeline, but also need the needle the use of such materials.
According to this example can be drawn to the effect of different dispensing dispensing effect, can enhance the efficiency of the use of dispensing, dispensing needles suitable to complete dispensing way, dispensing any need appropriate dispensing needle, including high speed precision dispensing machine is the same.
High precision glue needle
There are needles can improve the precision of dispensing needles, there are many kinds of specifications, big and small, small glue dispensing needle can reach 0.01mm in diameter, large 0.5mm, dispensing industry needs are the basic rules, the applicability is high speed precision dispensing machine.
Large scale high speed glue dispenser
High speed dispensing machine has a very strong industry application performance, the application of industry is very much, choose different dispensing effect to ensure the diversity of the product, also ensure the sales of enterprises, which is the production of high speed precision dispensing machine's purpose, also choose the dispensing of benefits for the development of the industry can be a strength.

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