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How does the parameter do not agree with the actual applicat

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In the purchase of high-speed precision dispensing machine, most users will according to the dispensing quality, dispensing parameters, price and other aspects of selection, will choose high speed precision dispensing machine installed for dispensing work, parameters can be subject not suitable for production requirements, thus affecting the production. So when the parameters of the dispenser do not meet the requirements of the product, are there any methods to be solved?
Double station high speed precision glue dispenser
When the high speed precision dispenser is used, it is possible to check whether the adhesive parameters are in conformity with the requirement of the glue. Some users should know that the high speed precision glue dispenser is based on the control system to spot the glue. In order to control the machine, the controller is installed in the dispensing machine. If the dispensing parameters are not suitable for the product requirements, we can manually operate the controller to adjust the dispensing parameters, avoid the dispensing parameter debugging, and affect the dispensing work.
Desktop high speed precision glue dispenser
Said high-speed dispensing machine is dispensing dispensing work according to the requirements in the dispensing process in addition to debug dispensing parameters, control system of high speed precision dispensing machine can also improve the speed and accuracy of dispensing dispensing, dispensing can work to X, Y, Z direction, can be used to high precision dispensing machine in electric parts, toys, mobile phone keys, integrated circuit, LED and other products, wide application range.
Barrel type high speed precision glue dispenser
If the parameters are not in conformity with the actual product, it can be debugged according to the requirements of the product. Before using high speed dispensing machine, can first understand it is easy to use, to avoid clogging, etc. epoxy glue solidification phenomenon in the dispensing process. Every time the glue machine is used, the cleaning machine can be cleaned once, which can prolong the service life of the high speed precision glue dispenser.

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