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What is the suitable glue for the high speed dispenser

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High speed dispensing machine is the basic need to use glue or needle valve, dispensing effect using syringes without using the dispensing valve, but the needle can store glue dispensing accuracy can use needles control, can control the effect of dispensing, dispensing with good results, the main use of dispensing machine will meet the production process this industry, products that meet customer demand.
High speed three axis glue dispenser
High speed needle dispensing machine can use what type of glue, glue with characteristic has a great relationship, making the needle cylinder is generally used plastic, highly corrosive glue instead of using needle storage, and some special glue is the same, for example: hot melt adhesive need to be heated at a certain temperature and can use the plastic needle cylinder does not have such a performance, you cannot use the needle cylinder high speed dispensing machine using hot melt adhesive.
Black UV
In fact, the needle cylinder high speed dispensing machine can be used a lot of glue, such as instant glue, glue (black needle), epoxy glue, red glue, conductive adhesive and so on, these are able to use high speed dispenser for dispensing, the scope of application is quite extensive, according to the appropriate industry using appropriate glue, improve dispensing quality.
A dispensing machine can use many kinds of glue, you can see how the performance of this dispensing machine, it is different according to the glue industry demand, is that high performance dispensing machine, not needle used precision, select dispensing needle for strict requirements, otherwise impossible to achieve the basic requirements of dispensing.
Dry glue
The syringe high-speed dispensing machine can use most of the glue on the market, which is not the general dispenser's performance. It needs Seiko to create, requires superb technology and needs a lot of money.

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