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What is the advantage of a non - standard custom high speed

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The non - standard custom high speed glue machine is customized by the requirements given by the user. Moreover, the range of application of high-speed dispensing machine is relatively wide. The glue and output requirements of each industry are different. Therefore, compared with the standard customized high-speed dispensing machine, the non-standard customized high-speed dispensing machine can better meet the needs of users. What are the advantages of a non - standard custom high speed glue dispenser, in addition to meeting the needs of the user?
Desktop non standard customizing dispenser
Because it is customized according to user requirements, high speed dispensing machine in the dispensing needle length, diameter and so on to meet the product dispensing requirements, without personnel according to the requirements and the use of glue dispensing quality, convenient dispensing; non standard high-speed dispensing function to reduce labor productivity, instead of manual operation, improve the production efficiency. If it is a batch production, there is also a discount on the price. And compared with the cost of labor, the cost of a dispenser is low.
Automatic glue dispenser
The above is the difference between non-standard custom and standard custom, in addition to these differences, their similarities are also more, for example: it is based on the control system for dispensing work, in order to facilitate the operation of high speed dispensing machine is equipped with LCD touch screen or controller etc.. The power is turned on, the staff manual LCD touch screen debugging parameters to facilitate dispensing, dispensing work; the operation is relatively simple, although a dispensing needs a replacement staff product and operation, but the efficiency of a high speed dispensing dispensing machine of a store staff efficiency several times, the higher efficiency of dispensing.
Multi axis high speed glue dispenser
In the non - standard customizing high speed glue machine, the correct requirements should be given according to the requirement of the glue, so that the customized high speed glue dispenser is not suitable for the effect of the glue.

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