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Is the high speed glue dispenser made up of those parts?

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There are many kinds of glue on the market, such as high speed glue machine, tabletop glue machine, landing type glue machine and so on. The dispensing speed of the high-speed dispensing machine is fast, and the application scope is wide. In the electronic parts, cell phone keypad, LED, semiconductor manufacturing, medical instrument manufacturing, toy manufacturing and other industries, we will use the high-speed dispensing machine. So, is the high speed glue machine made up of those components?
High speed glue dispenser for single station hot melt adhesive
Because the high speed glue machine needs to be used for a long time, the frequently active part will be damaged by the high frequency of activity, and the long time will affect the work of the glue. Therefore, the high-speed dispensing machine used special mixed metal material in the frequently moving parts, and it will not be damaged with the long operation time, but it needs to maintain the lubrication degree of the dispensing part regularly on the high-speed dispensing machine, such as butter and oil.
Interactive thimble pin valve
The high speed glue machine is based on the control system. It can be said that the control system is the core part of the high speed glue dispenser. There are many control systems used in the high speed glue machine, such as DSP, PLC and so on, which can be used when selecting the glue dispenser. In order to facilitate the operation of high-speed dispensing machine, the dispensing machine is equipped with touch LCD screen, and after opening the high-speed dispenser, the staff can manually touch the LCD screen to adjust dispensing parameters and facilitate dispensing.
High speed glue control box
There are four common drive modes for high-speed dispensing machine, including ball screw drive, cylinder drive, synchronous belt drive, linear motor drive, and ball screw drive is often used. The precision of the high speed glue machine using this driving method is higher than that of repeated positioning, and the speed of the glue will be faster.

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