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How should the glue jam occur when the high speed glue machi

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High speed glue machine can be used in electronic parts, mobile phone keys, toy production, LED, semiconductor manufacturing, integrated circuit and other products. It can realize irregular graphics such as circle, line, arc and so on. It can meet the demand of different industries. But when used, the glue will be solidified because of some reasons, thus affecting the high speed glue dispenser. What are the reasons for the solidification of the glue in the high speed glue machine? What is the solution to the solidification of the high speed glue machine?
Non standard custom high speed glue machine
The reasons for the solidification of the high speed glue dispenser are as follows:
The sealing of the pressure bucket in the high speed glue machine is not good, it will speed up the solidification speed of the glue in the barrel, the time is too long and the glue will solidify. It will not only affect the dispensing work, but also need to be washed and replaced for the pressure barrel made of plastic. So before use, it is best to check the sealing ability of the pressure bucket of the high speed glue machine first, to avoid the solidification of the glue.
Carbon steel pressure bucket
The dispensing valve used is not suitable for the glue used. Some glue solidification speed faster, such as instant adhesives, UV glue, use instant glue for dispensing work is the best choice for lining metal metal dispensing valve. If the use of glue is UV, can choose the piston valve. Avoid the phenomenon of solidification in the glue valve of high speed glue machine.
Two component adhesive
Methods to solve the high-speed dispensing machine glue solidification phenomena: if it is high speed dispensing machine pressure barrel glue solidification phenomenon, is the pressure of plastic barrels can be changed again, is the pressure barrel metal heater can be used inside the drum to melt glue; if the glue dispensing valve appears solidification phenomenon also, the heater can be used to make rubber valve glue melt, convenient high-speed glue dispensing.

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